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Thai Medical Massage, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra and Sound Vibrational Therapy to Heal and Harmonize Acute & Chronic Body/Mind/Spirit Imbalances.


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"I began seeing Sarah for Thai massage to alleviate migraines.  At the time, I had little understanding of the depth of her training and her inherent capacity for treating and healing the entire individual.  In the weeks following my first visits with Sarah, my migraines nearly disappeared.  Perhaps more importantly, over the last year, I have come to trust Sarah to guide me and work with me in ways that contribute to my physical well-being, while complementing and accelerating other avenues of personal, emotional, and spiritual growth I pursue.  I have experienced in Sarah a healer who works with my complete person - mind, body, and spirit.  I am deeply grateful for the warmth and wisdom I have received from Sarah, and for her guidance and companionship on my journey" G.P.


"I reached out to Sarah seeking advice regarding a back injury that I had been dealing with for nearly 4 months. In addition to providing some self care techniques, she suggested that I try her Yoga Nidra CD for pain. At first I thought it would be boring listening to the same recording daily, but after listening to it the first time, I felt a shift right away. So I decided to try it every night till my pain persists and every time have had a consistent yet different experience. Consistently I found that I was relaxed and awake through the recording which doesn't typically happen when I am using other yoga nidra tapes. At the same time, each day I feel a little better and more comfortable with the injury which is allowing for healing. A week later I already feel a lot better" M.R.


I just had the most amazing two-hour session from Sarah.  Endless gratitude.  That was not just (one of) the best massages I’ve ever had, but an amazing life experience.  Thank you for holding that space and helping me through that session.  I mean knots – emotional/mental/spiritual blockages were worked through so effectively as she held space.  There were releases, tears, laughter, deep digestive movement, and some emotional resolutions beyond my expectations.  I feel amazing and encourage you all to see her” C.V.


Through working with Sarah, I felt an extraordinary amount of love and nurturing support.  To be so supported by someone without any personal agenda or expectation was very healing and beautiful for me.  Sarah is a natural and I was deeply touched.  Thank you so much” A.B.


I got my first ever Thai massage (Body/Mind Integrative Therapy Session) from Sarah and was blown away not only with how good my body felt after but how much it taught me about mind/body/emotion connection.  Would recommend it to anyone” M.Z.


“I experienced a debilitating back injury from working, extreme enough that I could not walk a few blocks even without pain.  After 1 ½ months of Thai massage therapy with Sarah Novotney, I was pain-free.  My body is so much more relaxed from this Thai massage therapy; I feel 100 percent better.  Sarah cares very much about her clients and their health.  I recommend her highly for any problem/situation a person has” K.U.


I have had the opportunity to receive therapeutic massage from Sarah Novotney for over a year now. My primary issue has been osteoarthritis affecting my knees, with associated pain in both legs. Working with Sarah has resulted in reduced pain and increased mobility. Sarah has also provided invaluable advice and guidance for exercises that I do on my own between massage sessions, to help reduce pain and increase muscle strength. This will hopefully allow me to delay and perhaps avoid altogether knee replacement surgery that my doctors have advised is probably inevitable in the long run.  Sarah’s training and healing practice are informed from several traditions of therapeutic massage, yoga (including yoga nidra), and spiritual lineages. She is especially well versed in addressing myofascial pain and related muscle function problems that may arise from both sports and non-sports injuries, or in my own case, degenerative joint conditions.  In summary, Sarah is a talented and compassionate healer who cares deeply for her clients. She is also constantly striving to improve and grow her skill set, to better serve her clients. I can heartily and without reservation recommend Sarah to new clients” S.H.


"The medical massage I received from Sarah was a very powerful experience for me.  I have many injuries from climbing, hockey, showing horses, and running.  Sarah has deep intuition and knowledge regarding sports related injuries and has helped me tremendously" D.W.


"I have been a client of Sarah Novotney for Thai Massage.  She does a great full body flow.  She has a very caring touch and pays a lot of attention to her work. I always come out of the massage feeling more balanced and my posture always feels more aligned. I would highly recommend her massage to other clients" Dr. S.


"My experience with waking the next day after Sarah giving me my first Thai Massage was a true blessing.  I could not lay on my left side sleeping, without tingling pain.  The next day (after her massage) there was no more shooting pain down my left leg, nor cramping in my toes.  After the second massage the next day, I was even more relieved.  I trust Sarah with my body as she is a very gifted and devoted student and teacher.  This is her passion" M.S.


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